Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Print Assignment

Print Layout Showcase
Assigned: April 16th
Due: April 23rd

This assignment will give you an opportunity to create a print layout that showcases the work you’ve done so far in this class. You’ll be working with an InDesign template for a four-page lettersize document. You will be making creative decisions about color, typography and content.

April 21st will be a lab day to work on the assignment

Print Layout - Day Three

Topics covered day:
  • Master Page Override
  • Character Styles
  • Paragraph Styles
  • PreFlight
  • Package Folder/Export PDF
  • Using Styles, p. 238 - 241,

Character Styles
Character styles allow you to create a "rulebook" for your text. For instance you could have all of your article titles be the same font, font-size and color. Your can create and apply character styles through the character styles panel under Window > Type and Tables > Character Palette option.
You can define a character style. Then highlight text in your document that you want to apply it to. What great about characters styles is that at any point you can go back to your style and alter it. Then any text being affected by the style will automatically update.

Paragraph Styles
Paragraph styles are similar to character styles but also allow you to not only control text formatting options like typeface and font-size, but spacing issues such as indents, leading, alignment and space above and below your text,

How to import character and paragraph styles from other InDesign documents.

Preflight is a good way to test your InDesign file before being sending it to the printer. It will check for mistakes in your document such as broken image links, overrun text and improper image settings


Monday, April 14, 2014

Print Layout - Day Two

Topics covered:
  • Links palette
  • Spot vs Process colors
  • Pantone Matching System (PMS)
  • Add/DeletTe Pages
  • Master Pages

  • Working with Master Pages, p. 237
  • Working with Spot Colors, p. 228 - 231,

Link Palette The links palette allows you to view information about images placed in InDesign. It gives information including:
  • Color Mode/Color Space
  • Resolution
  • File Size
  • File Dimensions
  • What program the image was created in
  • Etc
You an also use the palette to embed images into your InDesign file and edit the originals of files brought into InDesign.

Spot vs Process colors Process colors are produced using the CMYK color system we discussed in class. It combines cyan, magenta, yellow and key to produce its colors. A spot color is a print color that is produced outside the CMYK color system. These include print colors that are very bright like neon, metallic or general mattes. Since spot colors are a speciality outside the normal color system of CMYK they are more expensive to use. Spots colors are mixed by the printer or chosen from an existing palette of produced spot colors from companies such as Pantone, Toyo or other spot color producing companies.

Matching System
: Pantone is a company that specializes in creating spot colors. They release a catalogue of spot colors they produce called the Pantone Matching System. You can access the Pantone system through the swatch palette in InDesign

To add and delete pages in InDesign you can use the Layout>Pages>Insert Page option or by going to the Pages panel under Window>Pages. You can add, reorder and delete pages from this panel. Below is a link to Adobe's official tutorial on adding/managing pages in InDesign

Official Adobe Add/Delete Tutorial: Link

Master Pages
Master pages allow you to apply certain designs to multiple pages. For instance maybe you want the company logo to go on the top of the business manuel your creating, or maybe you want the name of the book to go along the bottom of your chapter your outlining.
Master pages can be found under the Pages panel at the top. Simply drag a master page to a page in the page list to apply the master page to that page. You can double click on a master page to open it up and begin editing.
You can have multiple master pages, but a page can only by effected by one master page at a time. Below is a link to Adobe's official tutorial on adding/managing pages in InDesign

Adobe Master Page tutorial: Link

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Print Layout - Day One

Topics Discussed:

Creating Documents

  • Points/Picas
  • Margins
  • Bleeds
  • Character Palette
  • Paragraph Palette
  • Frames
  • Rulers/Guides

Lab: A Vintage Ad,, p. 214 - 215

Looking for Summer Teaching Assistant (TA)

Hey all,

I am currently looking for a summer teaching assistant for my Summer 2014 GRPH25 course. The class will run from June 16th to July 25th. Your duties as a teaching assistant would be to assist me with attendance as well as assisting students with questions during lab time.

The position in an UNPAID position, but there are perks to the position.
1) You are allowed to retake the class for free (this would be unavailable to you otherwise)
2) You would receive a letter of recommendation from me, useful for a entry-level job or internship
3) Teaching has been scientifically linked to learning, so by teaching you'll be re-enforcing the skills and have a better understanding.

If you are interested please contact me at

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break

Hey all,

Reminder that March 31 to April 7th is Spring Break at City College of San Francisco. There will be no class and ALL labs will be closed as well.

I strongly recommend trying to finish your TBM assignment BEFORE Spring Break.

David Hurwich

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time Base Media Assignment

Assigned: March 19th
Due: April 9th

Animated Vector Creature Banner

Follow the instructions in the reader from page p. 184-187. You'll create an animated banner using the vector creatures that were created during the vector assignment section of the course.

You'll be incorporating the following:
  • Importing Adobe Illustrator Files
  • Creating Motion Tweens
  • Creating Shape Tweens
  • Importing and Utilizing sound
  • Exporting SWF files
March 24th and March 26th will be a lab days where you work on your assignment. The assignment will be due April 9th.

You can download a 30-day trial version of Adobe Flash: here; or work in the computer labs in Batmale 301 or on the Mission Campus in 201.

You can download sound files from the following websites

Remember you'll need either a mp3, aiff or wav file to be imported into Adobe Flash.