Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Midterm Exam

VMD105 Midterm Exam
Monday October 13th

The exam will be a WRITTEN exam of short answer questions. It will cover the following topics:

  • Computer Basics/ Mac Basics
  • Raster / Adobe Photoshop
  • Vector / Adobe Illustrator
  • Typography

Monday, July 21, 2014

Web Layout Assignment

Web Layout Assignment
Assigned: July 21st
Due: July 24th
p. 302 - 307
Template Files: files

For your final web assignment you’ll create a five page showcase of the work you’ve done this semester. It will include a home page, raster page, vector page, time based media page, and contact page. The layout to the website will be similar to the layout you did for your print layout assignment.

When you've assembled your final file, review this list to be sure that you have met each of the following requirements:
  • 5 pages. Your final site must contain five separate pages.
  • Page banners. Each page must have a unique banner created
    in Photoshop
  • Working navigation. Each page should have working links to the other pages in the site
  • Artwork. Each page should showcase the artwork from your G25 class projects. These graphics should be in the correct color space and file format.
  • Descriptions. Each page should contain brief descriptions of the artwork. The home page should have a short bio and the contact page should list basic contact information.
  • CSS rules. At least three elements should be styled with CSS rules.
  • Delivery. Copy your root folder with HTML and graphic assets to your class dropbox. Name the folder Lastname_WebFinal. Uploading your site to the Hills server is recommended but optional.

Web Layout - Day Four

CSS- Layout

  • CSS - Dreamweaver
  • Server
  • Uploading Files
  • CSS in Dreamweaver, 294 - 297
  • Food Lover, p.285

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Hey all,

I am in the midst of applying for an additional teaching position at another college. As part of the interview process I plan on showing reviews of my teaching style from

If you enjoyed my class and teaching style and believe I deserve a good review I would appreciate if you could leave a kind review.


David Hurwich
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Looking for Fall 14 Teaching Assistant

Hey all,

I am looking for a teaching assistant (like what Patrick was for the summer class) for my Fall 14 semester.

Duties of the teaching assistant would be to assist students during lab time with questions. Although the position is UNPAID, there are very good reasons to take the positition.

1) You get to retake the class again for FREE. According to CCSF rules you can not repeat classes as a student, but as my TA, you circumvent that rule.

2) At the end of the semester I will write you a nice letter of recommendation that you can use to help you get a internship or job.

3) The most important reason is that teaching will help you LEARN the material. Studies have shown that when students teach others they themselves learn the material more deeply. Thus, by being my TA you'll help yourself become stronger at these core graphic design skills.

If you are interested please write me an email at and we will discuss it.